Dec 25, 2012

How to Prepare for Teachers Eligibility Test (TET)

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HTET 2013 Exam Notes / Tips / Study Material

How to Prepare HTET 2013 Examination

The test booklet of TET examination paper will be consist 150 objective types of questions. There will be 5 part in both paper , paper 1st and paper 2nd paper or paper II

Preparation Tips For  TET / STET Examination :-

1. Pay Attention on Pureness of Language. Read Carefully Hindi Grammar and Develop Linguistic Understanding.

2. Study NCERT books, It is Best for Basically Knowledge.

3. For 1st Paper, You Have to Study Books of Secondary Level of All Subjects.
For 2nd Paper, You Have to Study Books of Higher Secondary.

4. You Can Also Study The Psychology Books of Graduation Level. It will Help You To Understand Better Child development, pedagogy, pedagogical Dimension etc. You Can Solve Questions Related to These Subjects in Easy Way.

5. Read Carefully These Topics of Child Development and Pedagogy :-
* Theory and Phases of Child Development,
(बाल विकास के सिद्धांत एवं अवस्थाएं )
* Constructionism and Critical Prespective of vygotsky and Piyaze. 
(पियाज़े एवं वयिगासकी का निर्माणवाद एवं समीक्षात्मक परिपेक्ष्य )
* Creativeness 
(सृजनात्मकता )
* Concept and Language
(भाषा एवं विचार )
* Individual Diversity
(व्यक्तिक विभिन्नता )
* Basic Process of Education learning 
(शिक्षण अधिगम की मूल प्रक्रियाएँ )

6. You Have to Read, How to Read Gifted Child, Because Questions will also asked from this section.

7. Contributions of pedagogist in the Field of Pedagogy is Also Important.

8. Pay Attention on GK and Current Affairs also.
ou have to attempt 150 questions in 90 minute or 5400 second .for each question you have only 36 second. Passing marks is 60 % so you must solve 90 questions correct otherwise you can not qualify this examination. So dear friend time factor will play a vital role in this examination,

so make your own strategy how you attempt all questions and how you correct 90 question.

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